Deep-Space Astrophotography Workshop - Sean Parker
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I’m very excited to announce that I have partnered up with Spencer’s Observatory to offer a new addition to my workshops and that is a Deep Sky Astrophotography! I’m now able to teach you how to photograph deep space objects through telescopes and tracking mounts! These courses are only offered in Tucson, Arizona but I will continue to offer my traditional Landscape Astrophotography courses separately in numerous locations. If you looking for a one-on-one workshop or to photograph the landscape portion only, please visit my workshop page.

About Spencer's Observatory:

Spencer’s Observatory is Tucson’s only eco-friendly spot for Astronomy and Astrophotography! Tucson’s privately-owned observatory located near the southwestern entrance to Tucson Mountain Park-West next to Cat Mountain Lodge bed and breakfast. Spencer's Observatory located in Tucson, AZ. Celestron Telescope available for astronomy viewing This custom-built observatory has a retractable roof that exposes a panoramic view of the exceptionally dark skies that blanket the Tucson Mountain Range, and is home to a Celestron 14” SCT telescope on a GoTo Mount, a 10” Meade LX200 SCG telescope, and a Piggy Back 4” Stellar View Refractor. Whether it’s your first experience or you’re an old pro at exploring the skies, you will enjoy a personalized, guided Star Tours given by Alison Klesman a practiced astronomer, or by Robby Tackett, an enthusiastic local astronomer and entrepreneur who was instrumental in the observatory construction process and telescope selection. Reservations are available to both the public and Lodge guest. Rates are available for individuals and groups. Spencer’s Observatory also has a private patio that offers the perfect setting for small gatherings and intimate Star Parties.

Observatory Samples


-How to prepare for your shoot.

-Camera & Telescope overview.

-Camera exposure settings for optimal imagery.

-How to focus your lens at night.

-A general astronomy course so you can easily understand moon cycles, earth’s orbit, how to find the milkyway, planets, meteor showers, etc.

-How to photograph galaxies, nebulas, planets, and star clusters.

 -Special tips and techniques.

-Verbal post-processing overview. Post processing is not included in the workshop but is available at another time.


-A DSLR Camera that can perform in Manual (M) Mode and user manual.

-At least 2 camera batteries and 16GBs of memory card storage.

 -Shutter Release or Intervalometer (Please email me camera make/model so I can find the right one for you.)

-Tripod (optional)


-Warm clothes.

-Food and snacks.


Spencer's observatory is located only 20 minutes from downtown Tucson at the Countain Mountain Lodge in Gates Pass!

2720 s. kinney road tucson, az 85735


These workshops are based around your schedule and depend on the subjects you want to photograph. Group workshops are $275/pp or Private workshops are $499 for a 5-hour course, please email me to schedule a date. 

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