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Over the past few years of teaching astrophotography, I have hosted over 60  workshops. I have a reputable workshop and that is because I make sure your experience is nothing but positive and enjoyable. Here are just a few photos & testimonials my previous students have taken the time to send me. Thank you, guys!

Student Photos

-"If you're considering attending one of Sean Parker's workshops, let me say as an alumni that after spending a few informative and inspirational days with Sean, you will be prepared to photograph EPIC star pictures of the kind that you now can only dream about. I highly recommend that you book Sean's workshop now!" -Tony Prince

After attending Sean's amazing workshop, I took the post processing class. The photo was nice to start, but after learning how to edit, the whole thing popped! It made a world of difference. I would highly recommend his workshops! - Amy Utter

"I am so happy that my Palm Springs visit coincided with Sean’s Joshua Tree astro photography workshop dates. Sean is not only an amazing photographer who is extremely knowledgeable about the night sky and an excellent instructor, he also made this two night workshop a fun experience. Sean knows the area very well and took us to some gorgeous spots to get the best compositions for our star photos. I learned a ton about astro photography, including the proper camera settings for photographing the night sky in different conditions, how to spot the North star to create super cool star trail images, how to light paint as well as how to take self-portraits under the stars. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning more about the night sky and how to photograph it." - Sigma Sreedharan

-"The workshop couldn't have gone better, Sean is an excellent teacher and a phenomenal photographer, he is more than happy to share the tools and techniques he has spent so much time finding and developing. I learned a great deal about photography and the night sky in general. If you're at all interested in photography I highly recommend you take one of his workshops, I know I look forward to the next time I can attend one of Sean's workshops." -Luke Korth

-"I attended Sean's photography workshop in January of 2014. He's one of the easiest people to talk to, and best teachers! He doesn't only show you how he makes the great photos he has, but he also had a full hour while we were star trailing that he answered any questions I had! It was a great experience and I've grown as a photographer so much because of this workshop. I'd definitely recommend this to anybody who's looking to get into photographing the stars and milky way!" -Chase Kunkel

-"Thanks Sean Parker for an amazing time in Tucson, AZ & showing me some really cool stuff! Sean gave me a private workshop & having the opportunity to shoot the night sky together & his fantastic tutelage & knowledge, I will never see the night sky the same ever again. If you live in the US & have the opportunity I would highly recommend you contact Sean & go to Tucson, AZ where he is based out of. Sean is a Internationally published astrophotographer & in my opinion the best one working today. If you want to learn something new, learn from the best!"  -Mike Danson

I highly recommend Sean's workshops. I did a private deep space workshop followed by a private night sky workshop and both were excellent. Sean is a great teacher such that I feel confident in being able to independently use the techniques he showed me but I'm already thinking about signing up for another of his workshops because it was so much fun! -Shelli Kesler

I called Sean when I had the opportunity while on a birding/photography trip to Arizona to perhaps get out and shoot some stars. I had never done night sky shooting, and was interested in getting skills for a specific art project. Sean was incredibly accommodating - we switched the date at the last minute to account for unusual cloudy conditions, and he met up with me for a one-on-one workshop late at night, with him having just returned from a multi-day trip to Mexico. The experience was exceptional. We got some great shots and, more importantly, I got the hands-on training I was seeking. After just a few hours sleep, we met up again for a tutorial on post-processing in Lightroom, which was also invaluable. My only regret regarding the workshop is that I haven't practiced enough since then to stay sharp! That night changed my perspective on photography in several ways. I will actively seek to go out with Sean again any chance I get. -Graham Gerdeman

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Tucson, Arizona for my birthday, and have a private workshop with my favorite astrophotographer, Sean Parker. I had been following his work for a while, always stunned when he released another breathtaking image. When I learned that he enjoyed to teach others, I couldn't pass up the chance to meet and shoot with him so I could finally better learn what I love to do. Not only does he know and love what he does, but he is more than willing to teach others of the knowledge he has. I highly recommend you check out his page, view some of his amazing images and read about his quests for those perfect shots. Whether you're younger or older, an amateur or a pro, I encourage you to take one of his workshops and be amazed at the fun you'll have while learning his talent. - Shanna Haid

-"Thank you very much Sean for showing me the universe and how to capture it’s beauty! I had a marvelous time photographing with you, you taught me so much! I will be recommending your workshop to friends!" -Julie H.

"Thanks to Sean Parker for the awesome astrophotography workshop followed by a lesson on proper post processing technique! Sean tailored the workshop and lesson precisely to my needs. For anyone wishing to improve their ability to photograph the night time sky, Sean is the man…please check out his work give him a call!" -Ed Mullins Photography

-"This workshop was wonderful to attend. Each individual student got as much assistance and instruction as needed. The opportunity to create dramatic images becomes much easier after working with the Starman, Sean Parker." -Gary Smith

-“I flew out from Boston to Tucson for a private workshop followed by a post-processing lesson with Sean and had a great experience! His images were motivation enough for the long journey to Arizona and I felt my expectations were far exceeded. Having only used my camera a few times prior, he did not hesitate to asses my ability as a quick learner and emerged me in many aspects of astrophotography. Sean is very talented, as well as a great teacher and the first picture we worked on together is proof that he is great at passing along his experience and knowledge. On a personal level I can say Sean is well beyond his years in this field and extremely professional. Sean is truly an expert and when I wasn’t too busy absorbing his lessons, he happily encouraged me to pick his brain. He is as unique and interesting as the images he captures and this made the time spent together an absolute blast! Sean’s excellent one on one ability to expand my experience from novice to advance in such a short period of time has made me feel very confident continuing to learn and take great images. Not only did I gain invaluable information, but Sean also gave me areas to focus on to continue learning. I cannot thank Sean enough for being such a great host and teacher. I highly recommend anyone who is considering the group or private workshop to take advantage of such a great opportunity. You certainly will not regret it!”- Kristy Glidden , Boston, Massachusetts

-"You should definitely take one of Sean's workshops! I got better shots in just those two days than I had after trying for months. He not only helps you in person but is very helpful after the workshop, after you've returned home and still have more questions. You won't regret it, trust me!" -Amy Hough, Denver, Colorado

-"Sean's workshop was both fun & educational. He gave ample time to help each participant, made sure we understood good composition & had the best camera settings for each scene. You will not be disappointed if you take one of his workshops." -Esther Flemming 

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