Geminid Meteor Shower

“Geminids over Gates Pass”

What an incredible show we had here in Tucson, Arizona! This was definitely the best show of the year. I was able to see about 50 per hour! We were fortunate enough to have clear skies on the first Peak night on 12-12-12 through the morning of 12-13-12 but the desert had other, rainy plans for the best peak night.

Everlasting Productions hired me to shoot some time-lapses of this incredible event for their documentary…and I am sure glad they did! I mean…I would’ve shot it anyway, but, they loaned me their Canon 5DMKIII to shoot with! I’ve been wanting to try this beast out and I absolutely loved it. And to top that…they let me use their Carl Zeiss glass! I got some pretty sharp images with it. Time to start saving.

I may put together a short 1 minute video so you can see what the Geminids had to show, so stay tuned!

Anyways, here are some composites of about 30 frames from a time-lapse I shot of the Geminid Meteor shower at Gates Pass in Tucson, Arizona on the morning of 12-13-12. You can see M31 (Andromeda Galaxy 2.5million light years away) at the left next to the Milky way.

These imagse took a lot of work as I had to scroll through about 400 frames and find which frames had shooting stars in them, then cut out every meteor and blend.

Space.com used my photo on their Geminid Meteor shower write-up!

Earthsky.org also used my image in their daily news!

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Camera Details:
Carl Zeiss 21mm F/2.8 Distagon
ISO 3200, 20 seconds.

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