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L ’ Auberge de Sedona

Sedona, Arizona | #seesedona

Have you heard of L’Auberge de Sedona? It is an incredible resort and spa that cradles Oak Creek while offering its guests iconic views of Sedona’s red rocks. This is a place that allows you to feel completely disconnected from the outside world while still being in the heart of downtown and, yes, it is as outstanding as the reputation that precedes it.

After a quick check in I grabbed lunch and went on a secret hike a local told me about that had absolutely killer views of Cathedral Rock. I was back in time for dinner which I got to enjoy down by the creek. Such an amazing experience. I turned in early to be up in time to feed the ducks- something the resort offers daily at 8am down by the creek.

This was my first real peek into what would be my home for the next few days. The rooms are incredibly inviting. There was a pet bed laid out for my dog with a sign especially for her, a bowl with a placemat, and a goodie bag filled with treats and toys just to make her stay as memorable as mine. PS- it worked. She felt right at home. Twice a day the room was maintained by room service. They would come in to clean during the day and come back again in the evening while I was having dinner down by the water to provide a turn-down service. I would return to my room with soundscapes playing the most peaceful background ambience ready to lull me to sleep at any given moment. My room offered an outside cedar shower that I am still missing after my return home. The water hitting the cedar is amazingly aromatic and there is nothing quite like the option to rinse off in a secluded shower under the stars after a long day of adventuring.

I woke up in absolute peace. After feeding the ducks I tried the avocado toast before heading back to my room to get ready for the day.

Have I mentioned how entirely pet-friendly this resort is, by the way? Almost hidden around turns between cottages and koi ponds you will find pet stations with supplies to pick up after your pup and toss the waste. It was great. And she could not have been happier walking around the property.

After some research of the area I decided to try my luck at Devil’s Bridge. It was about a 2 mile hike round- trip, and moderately difficult. I see why it is such a popular spot for visitors! Being the largest sandstone bridge the area has to offer, Devil’s Bridge is absolutely worth the hike and 7 miles down the road from the resort.

Next up was a Helicopter Tour with Guidance Air. I took the Anasazi tour; a 25 minute guided tour heading northwest of Sedona towards Devil’s Bridge, into Secret Canyon, past Mogollon Rim and returning back through Boynton Canyon visiting ancient ruins and hearing about Sedona’s history and my surroundings along the way. It went way too fast but was an absolute blast! If you are considering a helicopter tour I can’t imagine a better place! After landing I got to experience a jaw dropping 360 panoramic view of the setting sun at airport before heading back to the airport.

The next morning I walked down to get a “quiet mind” massage then spent a relaxing few hours by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. The massage was fantastic and the atmosphere was very peaceful. 

For my last night at L’Auberge I had an absolutely unforgettable steak dinner down by the creek. The steak is phenomenal in my opinion and enjoying your meal under the moonlight next to the water is something that does not lose its allure. By this time I had a favorite, yes that means I had tried them all, dessert, and it was the trifle. The best and only trifle I have ever had.

Before leaving Sedona I took one more hike, this time up Cathedral Rock itself. This is a much steeper hike than I thought but the views are well worth it. I made it to the top in time for sunset. I would not miss this if you are in the area.

This was a trip I will not soon forget.

Things to do

-Helicopter tours with Guidance Air

-Pink Jeep Tours -Chapel of the Holy Cross

-Secret Garden Cafe at Tlaquepaque

-Massage and Dinner at L’Auberge


-Grasshopper Point

-Slide Rock

Hikes -

Bell Rock

-Cathedral Rock

-Devil’s Bridge -Broken Arrow

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