Monsoon 2015 - Sean Parker
Lightning over South Tucson

Summer is finally over! Even though it's my favorite time of year, I'm excited to venture into other types of seasonal landscapes. My collection is pretty dull when it comes to fall color and winter landscapes so I'm looking forward to doing more of that. This was my first year chasing weather photography seriously and I walked away with some of my favorite images to date. Last year I just kinda snapped photos of lightning and stuff, but this year I really challenged myself to study the radar and drive wherever I needed to to get the shot and timelapse the hell out of it. I missed a good portion of the storms due to Italy but I still have over 1TB of photos and timelapses from this year's Monsoon. I plan on releasing a lot of instagram videos and whatnot so be sure to follow me on there (@seanparkerphotography.)

Chasing these storms has been a lot of fun but very difficult. I learned A LOT and suffered a couple drawbacks along the way. I had my camera fall over a couple times from unexpected 30-45mph gust winds also known as "outbound flows" which broke one of my lenses and I was also involved in a car accident due to a severe storm causing little to no visibility. Overall, the experience is a lot of fun and I can't wait to chase to get more weather photos!

My Favorite Shots

Timelapse Videos

Blythe, Arizona Monsoon

Green Valley, Arizona

Sahuarita Sunset - 8/29/15

Final Chase

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