Iceland - Sean Parker

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Blessed in Iceland

Last night we were blessed with one of the best aurora displays I’ve ever seen in Iceland. I can’t believe how fortunate my workshop guest and I have been as this was our 4th night in a row of aurora! This was the beginning of our 4 straight hours of shooting aurora and it was still going when we decided to call it quits. I have shot a lot of aurora in Iceland over the last couple years and this has to be my new personal favorite. Excited for potential night number 5 tonight 🙌🏼
Single Exposure
Camera: Sony A7R3
Lens: Sigma 14 f/1.4
Shutter: 1 second
ISO: 8,000
Tripod: @vanguardworld ALTA Pro 2+ 264 carbon fiber
Memory: @pnyusa 512gb Elite SD Card


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