Landscapes - Sean Parker

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Saguaro Fire & Ice

Last night I headed into the sonoran desert with one mission: to capture a desert night scene with lightning. You might think with all the lightning shots I've posted before that I had to have captured it before, right? Well, I haven't. Surprisingly I was never in the right place at night to do so, or I was in the right place just not at the right time. Kinda how it goes with lightning in most cases haha.

I've managed to nail some great strikes over mountains and downtown tucson in the past but nothing with shillouted cacti like pictured here. This is the shot I've always wanted and I'm very proud of it. I'm so glad I trusted my instict to head out to Saguaro National Park because what I was seeing on the radar wasn't looking promising, but I packed up and adventured out anyways. There were maybe 1 or 2 small isolated storms out where I knew this shot was possible and I figured they would die out by the time I arrived, but that quickly changed about 30 minutes later.

I wanted to come home with 1 or 2 good lightning shots but came home with more than that and 30GB's of stormy star timelapses and thunderstorms. I was seriously jumping in excitement, I couldn't have been more stoked! I love when that happens. Being out there in the middle of the desert with the sound of crickets and distant lightning in the distance was so relaxing....what a night.

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