Starscapes & Astrophotography - Sean Parker

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Perseid, Milkyway, Zodiacal Light, Pleiades, and Orion in Joshua Tree National Park

I just returned home from an amazing weekend with my workshop group in Joshua Tree during the Perseid Meteor Shower! The park was filled with hundreds of pointing fingers and the "Ooohs!" & "Ahhhhhs!" echoed the park when meteors zipped by in sky. What an experience! How did you enjoy this weekend's show?

Here is a shot I took yesterday morning just before astronomical dawn which shows the milky way arching next to a Perseid on the left, and zodiacal light, pleaides, and the constellation Orion on the right.

Sony A7S2
Tamron 15-30 F/2.8
ISO 5000 for 20 Seconds
14-Photo Panoramic showing 180 Degrees
Stitched and Processed in Photoshop CC

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