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Come join me and the guys over at Experience Philippines for an amazing 7-day adventure around the PH.

Random Road Trips are regular road trips where the DESTINATION is a SECRET and the ACTIVITIES are a SURPRISE. Sometimes it is an overnight weekend travel adventure to a random place for some stress free fun with like minded travelers. Other times just a regular day trip to an unknown part of the outskirts of Manila. But what is common, YOU DO NOT KNOW where to go until you join us. Our idea for the Random Road Trips is to encourage people to go out of their comfort zone by doing some adventure with the people you will only meet during the road trip. Sometimes it only takes a crazy adventure to bring out the best in us. In these road trips, we usually learn new things about people, culture and neighboring provinces we visit. Going on a random trip with strangers may not be the popular choice when it comes to travelling but those who dare will find themselves surrounded by like-minded crazy people experiencing an out-of-the-box and authentic adventure.

On January 14-26, Experience Philippines invites you to join a RANDOM ROAD TRIP. It be a journey to some RANDOM place with RANDOM people doing some RANDOM adventure riding a RANDOM travel transport. Best part about it, Award Winning Photographer from the US by the name of Sean Parker will be joining us and teaching you about the night sky and how to photograph it! Sean Parker is a passionate photographer in Tucson, Arizona whose work is internationally known and has gone to win awards and many publications such as Smithsonian, BBC, New York Times, and more! Sean Parker will guide you every step of the way to teach you how to create beautiful statrail photos and nightscape images that will leave you breathless. This will be Sean's first trip to the Philippines and we are excited about the opportunity to work with him! This will be an unforgettable adventure!


A Few Details about the Road-Trip:



-There are only 16 slots available for this Random Road Trip.

-Estimated Random Trip fee is P5500. 

-DEADLINE of Payment is on or before November 25, 2015.

-This Road Trip is going to be 7 FULL DAYS.

-Fee is INCLUSIVE of Transport, Accommodation and Food. You will a discover a culture different from Manila.



-We are going to travel with people we do not know.

-We DO NOT have an exact plan.

-Be OPEN MINDED about new things.

-Kindly bring some extra cash for entrance fees, drinks or some snacks.


1.You really don’t tell the destination? Yes, we really do not reveal the destination until we get there or during the departure. Sometimes you can coax Gian to get excited and he might slip and tell you the destination. He is getting better at hiding it but his weakness is Milk Tea.

2. What if I have been to that destination? Like we said, we value the EXPERIENCE more than the destination. We are a bunch of guys and gals who always have this sense of wonder and excitement even if we have been in a destination more than once. Traveling with a new set of people will always be different. And Mother Nature always seem to surprise us with new discoveries and experiences.

3. What is the transport for the Random Road Trip? We’ve been on tricycles, 4x4s, dump trucks, hummers, and even small charter planes! You can check out our many crazy rides here – The Many Crazy Rides in Our Random Road Trips

4. Is it safe and secure? We value everyone’s safety and security. We coordinate always with the local tourism offices because one of our goals is to be help small communities within the local government. We have a first aid kit.

5. What do I bring to the Road Trip? Just bring some extra clothes, swimming attire, towel, snacks, water, sunscreen, camera, tripod, wide angle lens, headlamp, laptop (optional) and some cash for entrance and food.

6. What are the usual activities? You can expect to get wet, to be sun kissed, to meet locals, to eat unusual food. Sometimes if we are lucky, we even get to see shooting stars.

7. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? You can get in touch with Jeff or Gian through the following methods:



If you haven’t secured your seat yet, kindly deposit your reservation to our BDO or BPI accounts.

BPI (Checking): Account Number: 9645-0042-02, Giancarlo Gallegos/ TLG Asia Travel Services

BDO (Savings): Account Number: 440-512-808, Jeffrey Patrick Lui

Please send a text message of your deposit to 0917-572-7527 or the scanned deposit slip to adventures@experience.ph.

Or you can pay us through CREDIT CARD via PAYPAL’s secured payment website.

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