Grand Canyon May 19-21 - Sean Parker

Hello and welcome to our Grand Canyon Photography Expedition page!

I'm excited to announce that I've partnered up as a Photographer with a company called Adventure Driven. Adventure Driven specializes in taking small groups on private overland expeditions. Together, Adventure Driven and I will offer you experiences of a lifetime. Photography Workshop Expeditions at one of the most fascinating seven wonders of the world; the Grand Canyon.

We offer you the opportunity to experience an overland expo adventure to the edge of the Grand Canyon through private and very remote Native lands.With exclusive permits from the land owner himself, no other company can give you this kind of tour and very few people have been where we are taking you.

During the day, herds of sheep, goats and cows traditionally raised by the Navajo people may cross your path. Keep your cameras ready. You most likely will see wildlife such as a variety of native birds, possibly even the endangered California condor, antelope, coyotes, foxes, lizards, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, ringtail cats, etc... The desert is alive with wildlife. You may even get a chance to see one or more of the many herds of wild horses that roam freely while on your way through the vast wide-open desert to the Grand Canyon. And possibly the elusive black panther of Navajo legend. Depending on the expedition you choose and the amount of time you can spend on your custom photo expedition, in addition to the canyon, you will get to see sand dunes, petrified trees, hundreds of ancient petroglyphs, rock corrals, and traditional Navajo dwellings called hogans.

For this workshop, our expedition will head through the vast and desolate desert toward the Grand Canyon in the afternoon just in time to catch an unforgettable sunset. The sunsets will warm your soul as they burst a kaleidoscope of colors across the sky and the canyon walls. You can not help but to be touched by the solitude and expansive beauty of the high desert at the canyon’s edge. You will notice there are no crowds of people and no development of any sort. Because of this, you will also behold the desert is serenely peaceful and quiet at night. You will get to observe the innumerable stars that are unbelievably bright in this night sky that is not molested by light. Due to this break from normality, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime, to photograph the night sky in conditions unlike any other experience you can possess. Here, with my instruction and your artistic vision, you can allow your heart, eyes and your camera to devour the moment. Are You Adventure Driven? I am.



May 19-21 Astrophotography Workshop Expedition includes transportation to and from location & dinners each night.

May 19th: Check into your hotel room to relax before a glorious night of learning the fine details of photographing the Milky Way. At 3:30PM you will climb aboard Adventure Driven’s lavishly equipped expedition vehicles for your transportation to the Grand Canyon’s edge, arriving before sunset. As you are capturing the awe-inspiring scenery with your trusty camera, a delicious meal will be prepared for you to enjoy before your night photographing the stars. Dinner will be served fireside after sunset. The Astrophotography instruction will begin at 9:00PM ending at 2:00AM. After that, we will load up and be chauffeured once again by Adventure Driven to the comfort of your hotel room.

May 20th: Breakfast is served at the hotel from 6:00AM-9:00AM and is optional. After breakfast is free time until 3:30PM when we once again head back to the remote and vast expanses of the Northern AZ high desert. When we arrive at the location for the next class, a fabulous dinner will once again be prepared for you to enjoy after sunset. The workshop will be from 9:00PM-2:00AM. You will then climb back into the expedition Lexus that awaits your arrival. Now you can relax, let your mind drift off to reflect on your adventures as you are taken back to your cozy hotel room to have the chance to entertain yourself with dreams of the night sky.

On the Final Day, May 21st, a 2-3 hour Post-Processing course will be held at a decided time in the Hotel's conference room. Sean will teach you his successful workflow on how to truly enhance your photos! Please bring a laptop with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and StarStax installed.


-How to prepare for your shoot.

-Camera & lens overview.

-Camera exposure settings for optimal imagery.

-How to focus your lens at night.

-A general astronomy course so you can easily understand moon cycles, earth’s orbit, how to find the milkyway, planets, meteor showers, etc.

-How to photograph the milkyway, capture star trails, long exposures, and light painting.

-Special tips and techniques.

-Advanced camera techniques for focus and exposure blending.


-A DSLR Camera that can perform in Manual (M) Mode and user manual.

-At least 2 camera batteries and 16GBs of memory card storage.

-A WIDE angle lens that is at least 35mm with an aperture of f/2.8 or faster is recommended but not required. Lens Rental is available through if necessary.

-Shutter Release or Intervalometer (Please email me camera make/model so I can find the right one for you.)



-Warm clothes.

-Water and snacks (some provided.)


An itinerary of our day-to-day schedule will be emailed to you upon registration.


We will be staying at the Experience Hopi Hotel. It is only about an Hour away from our shooting location on the native land.

Physical Difficulty:

My workshops are easy to moderate. There will be very light hiking as we easily explore accessible areas in the area. Please wear hiking shoes and prepare for desert terrain.

Post Processing:

Post Processing is included in this workshop.  We will cover how to enhance your photos through Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Starstax using your laptop. These are programs I use and they are the best for making your images really stand out! I will teach you my successful workflow all the way from importing to exporting your images. You will learn some of the best ways to adjust your photos and reduce noise that is associated with nightscape photography.  

Terms and Conditions:

You must be 18 years or older to participate. Prices do not include meals, accommodations, gear, transportation, or incidentals. You are responsible for supplying your personal needs. Participation requires acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in my waiver & consent form. Weather is unpredictable. Weather may compromise our photography shooting conditions but lessons will continue if the conditions permit. A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your space in a workshop. If weather does cancel our workshop, the non refundable deposit will be transferred towards another workshop of your choice. You may also choose to pay in full at the time you make your reservation. Reservations must be made 3 days in advance. Please email me if needed. Weather: Weather plays a very key role in nighttime photography. I like to shoot on clear nights, but light cloud cover can add a very interesting effect in your images. If the forecast calls for rain we will have to reschedule. Even if there is partial cloud cover, I promise you that you will still take home some great shots and the knowledge on how to greatly capture the night sky on any given night.

Transportation & Lodging:

Transportation and lodging are included in the price of the workshop. Transportation only provided to and from our Hotel and to the Canyon. 


Payment Options
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