October 11-14th - Goulburn, Australia Timelapse & Astrophotography Workshop - Sean Parker

Australia Astrophotography & Timelapse Workshop

Goulburn, Australia - NSW

Have you ever wanted to create breathtaking milkyway timelapse videos or photograph the bright vivid night sky if so, this workshop is for you! Located only a two hours south from Sydney, Australia - Goulburn offers the perfect place to escape city lights to photograph the night sky! I have teamed up with an amazing Australian Astrophotographer Matthew Maas to show you the best the southern night sky has to offer!

Join us during this amazing 3-night workshop as we give exclusive access to Matt's farm land which is full of tall trees, rock formations, and other photogenic subjects to ensure amazing compositions. So if you’ve been interested in learning how to photograph the night sky or learn timelapse cinematography, this is the workshop for you! From beginners to professionals, this workshop is geared for all skill levels!

*First 4 participants receive Early Bird Discount of $250!*

Dates: October 11-14th

Class Size: 10

Spots Available: 9

Difficulty: Easy - Moderate

Investment: $900 - $1,250 USD (ALL INCLUSIVE)


-"If you're considering attending one of Sean Parker's workshops, let me say as an alumni that after spending a few informative and inspirational days with Sean, you will be prepared to photograph EPIC star pictures of the kind that you now can only dream about. I highly recommend that you book Sean's workshop now!" -Tony Prince

-"This workshop was wonderful to attend. Each individual student got as much assistance and instruction as needed. The opportunity to create dramatic images becomes much easier after working with the Starman, Sean Parker." -Gary Smith

-"After attending Sean's amazing workshop, I took the post processing class. The photo was nice to start, but after learning how to edit, the whole thing popped! It made a world of difference. I would highly recommend his workshops!" - Amy Utter


This is a 4-day / 3- night workshop class which includes both infield and post-processing. Prepare to learn A LOT. This workshop will go over a ton of material and techniques so a 3-night course gives us enough time to explore numerous locations and utilize all the information we learn during the workshop. 

Accomodation and daytime post processing workshops are at the Hotel Mercure Goulburn. Our exclusive dark sky site is only 20 minute drive from where we will be staying meaning less time travelling and more time shooting!

We'll spend the first hour during our meet-and-greet discussing the workshop overview, camera settings, and other pre-shoot information over snacks during a presentation. After orientation we will head to the shooting location for sunset and begin shooting! A more detailed itinerary is provided below.

This is a 10 person max workshop. Smaller class sizes allows the best possible learning conditions in a group setting, and is more personal. If you would like a private 1-on-1 workshop, that can be arranged before or after these dates. Please email me if you are interested in doing so.

What Will I Learn?

-How to prepare for your shoot.

-Camera & lens overview.

-Camera exposure settings for optimal imagery.

-General Timelapse techniques with emphasis on Astro Timelapses (milkyway moving across the sky, startrails, etc)

-How to focus your lens at night.

-A general astronomy course so you can easily understand moon cycles, earth’s orbit, how to find the milkyway, planets, meteor showers, etc.

-How to photograph the milkyway, capture star trails, long exposures, and light painting.

-Milkyway Panoramas

-Special tips and techniques.

-Advanced camera techniques for focus and exposure blending.

-Verbal post-processing overview. Post processing is  included in the workshop for 3-day participants.

-Social Media & Business Tips

What Will I Need?

-A DSLR Camera that can perform in Manual (M) Mode and user manual.

-At least 2 fully charged camera batteries and 16GBs of memory card storage.

-A WIDE angle lens that is at least 24mm with an aperture of f/2.8 or faster is recommended. Lens Rental is available through borrowlenses.com if necessary. Students get 20% off!

-Shutter Release or Intervalometer (Please email me camera make/model so I can find the right one for you.)



-Warm clothes.

-Bug Repellent.

-Camping Chair.

-Food and snacks.

Workshop attendees will also get an Overview PDF at the end of the workshop and exclusive access to my Facebook Alumni group! In this group I have over 130+ members who have attended my workshop and is a great place to post questions, events, and even meet up with fellow alumni's! 

General Itinerary

October 11th

We will begin our trip with an orientation at our Hotel at4pm following a short break, we will rendezvous for a sunset outing. Once at location we will set up our sunset shots and wait for the stars to come out. Once the Milkyway is visible we will begin shooting our astro timelapses throughout the night! Workshop will conclude about 2am and we will head back to the hotel with awesome sequences.         

October 12th

We will meet for lunch in the conference room and go over photos from the previous day. We will then begin our editing course and break a few times before ending at 3pm. We will then head back to shooting site and prepare for more timelapse during sunset and into the night. Repeat night 1 at different locations.

October 13th

We will again meet back in the conference room for lunch and more editing. Once finished there we will head back to our shooting location and setup more timelapses. The only difference of the 3rd night is that it's more focused on Astro Photography instead of timelapse. We will all be taking portfolio building images using different compositions and also shooting Deep Sky Images through trackers and possible a telescope! 

October 14th

Another meetup in the conference room for more editing with more focus on the milkyway and deep space image processing. Class will conclude at 5pm.

Post Processing

Post Processing is included in this workshop for attendees on the final day in our hotel's business meeting room. Matt and I will teach you our successful workflow all the way form importing to exporting your images. You will learn some of the best ways to adjust your photos and reduce noise that is associated with nightscape photography. We will cover how to enhance your photos through Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Starstax. These are programs I use and they are the best for making your images really stand out! For timelapse we will be using Adobe Lightroom, After Effects / Premiere, and LR Timelapse. Please have these programs installed on your laptop before the workshop. You can download a 30 Day Trial from Adobe. Also ensure that your computer is running at optimal speed and you have an external hard drive with enough hard drive space. 

Location & Accommodation

This workshop will be held on Matthew's private land just outside Goulburn. Accommodation and daytime post processing workshops are at the Hotel Mercure Goulburn. Twin rooms are included in the cost of tuition. If you prefer your own room, an additional $150AUD is required. Our exclusive dark sky site is only 20 minute drive from where we will be staying meaning less time travelling and more time shooting. 


We welcome all skill levels to our workshop. Please keep in mind that this is not a photography 101 course, so all participants should have working knowledge how to navigate their camera menus and a basic understanding shooting in Manual mode. I keep my group sizes small so I can attend to each individuals needs throughout the workshop and rarely bring out my camera. If you are worried about not receiving enough direction or you have never shot the night sky before, please consider taking a Private 1-on-1 Workshop. As far as physically difficulty is concerned, there is some hiking involved but on even terrain and we will be somewhat close to the vehicles.

Investment & Terms

$1,100 USD ($1,500 AUD) per participant and $910 ($1,250 AUD) for the first 4  participants. Prices include most Meals, Accommodation, and Guiding. Weather is unpredictable. Weather may compromise our photography shooting conditions but lessons will continue if the conditions permit. A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your space in a workshop. If we do not meet the minimum 6 participant mark, we will reschedule the workshop for another time and refund all deposits. Reservations must be made at least 30 days in advance. Please contact me if needed.

Minimum 6 participants are needed for this workshop to take place, so please do not book your flight until we have confirmed that the minimum has been reached.

What's Included:

- All access to our brains which includes any questions, recommendations, critiques, or anything photography related

- Hands on instruction with top of the line motion timelapse controllers with 2 instructors

- Photography Permit

- Lunch and Dinner

- Hotel Lodging (Twin Share - Single Supplement is available for an additional fee.)

- Workflow, field, and classroom instruction

- Post-Processing course to get the best out of your photos!

What's Not Included

- Airfare

- Breakfast

- Photography Equipment Insurance 


Use the Paypal buttons below to pay the deposit or full amount. Make sure if you are registering from Australia you select the AUD option. If you have any hesitation about signing up, check out the Testimonials at the bottom of the page where clients have shared their experiences. You will receive a detailed itinerary upon completion of payment. 

First 4 particpants receive receive an early bird discount of $250! Select the Early Bird Discount below!

Payment Options
Payment Options


Please visit my Workshop Information & F.A.Q page for more information, frequently asked questions, and general inquiries. If you don't find your answer there, please contact me!

About Your Instructors

Sean Parker

Sean is one of the most passionate artists I’ve ever known, and it is readily apparent in every photograph he takes. Whether it’s spending long, lonely nights in the desert composing gorgeous star trails or peering into the heavens and gradually coaxing out its natural beauty with advanced telescopes and computer technology, he maintains an unrelenting positive outlook and unmatched work ethic. Knowing firsthand the amount of work required to produce such high quality material, I have profound respect for the mental fortitude required for the journey upon which Sean has embarked. The true mark of a great artist is the constant desire to learn new skills and improve upon the last work, and Sean has these qualities in spades. He has built his incredible set of skills through countless hours of frustrating trial and error, and the amazing thing to consider is that his current output of stunning imagery is simply the tip of the iceberg when compared to the assuredly brilliant career ahead of him. I’m extremely proud and honored to have had the chance to work with Sean and learn from him, and I am confident that he will find success in all of his pursuits, for he already has laid his foundation as a humble, driven, and meticulous artist.

Matt Maas

Matthew Maas is a professional photographer from Lake Bathurst, Australia. He specializes in drone flying by day and time-lapse astrophotography /  deep sky imaging under the dark skies of the farm he grew up on.  Matt has many years of experience photographing the southern night sky and loves teaching others the knowledge needed to create their own stunning images. 

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