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8 Day Photography Workshop Adventure

June 4-11 2023

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Guided by local photographer Bruno Ázera and Sean Parker

Explore the beauty of the Azores and its pristine islands with this one of a kind 8 Day Photo Adventure workshop. Suitable for all levels of photographic knowledge, my goal is to show you the most photogenic locations in the Azores, away from the tourist crowd while staying in accommodations that provide you with the best experience. The Azores are nine beautiful volcanic islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. The archipelago is green, volcanic, and remote. With breathtaking landscapes in its purest state and one of the largest whale sanctuaries, it provides exceptional conditions for photography during any time of the year.

Number of participants are limited to 10 students. *We like to keep our groups small in order to maximize our attention to each student.*

Dates: June 4 - 11

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Class size: 10

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Spots Available: 8

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Difficulty: Easy - Moderate

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Investment: $4,200 (includes lodging, interisland flights and transportation.)

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-Visit 2 different Islands

-Top spots of the Islands

-Epic views

-Whale Watching

-Discover the underground world

-Photograph inside a volcano

-Explore a mystical forest

-Hot springs

-Hike through endemic vegetation

-HDR and long exposure techniques

-Taste unique local cuisine

**Link above will take you to Bruno's website**


What You Will Learn:

-How to create compelling and captivating landscape compositions.

-How to properly expose for an image through all variety of light including prime and non-prime lighting conditions.

-How to utilize motion blur to capture dramatic seascapes and waterfall images.

-Advanced camera techniques for focus and exposure blending.

-Drone Photography / Videography

-How to edit your images using Adobe Lightroom to get the best detail and light out of them.

-Night Sky Photography (weather pending)

-Social Media Tips

-Much, much more!

What You Will Need

-A DSLR Camera 

-A variety of lenses - a wide angle lens will be your most used on this trip.

-A sturdy tripod

-Shutter Release or Intervalometer (to create startrails and for shooting at Ice beach.)

-Multiple memory cards

-Extra batteries



-Drone (optional)

-photoshop and lightroom installed on your computer


– There will be some easy to moderate hiking / walking for our locations. Students should be able to walk up to 30 minutes on uneven ground without difficulty. We will make sure to allow plenty of time to get to our locations, but there will be some terrain to cross to get to our destinations.

- We highly recommend you learn your camera inside and out and practice shooting with filters before the workshop.  While we are there to help you all throughout the workshop you will will be much more comfortable if you practice  beforehand. 


We will travel by private shuttle and commercial flights as we explore the different photographic sights of São Miguel and Terceira Island. All transportation, local flights between islands, and accommodations are included in the workshop cost to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. This allows our participants to concentrate on enjoying and capturing the unbelievable scenery of the islands.

The Azores are considered one of the best Whale Watching spots in the world, so we have to make the most out of it. Head out to the Atlantic with the guys at Futurismo. Their team of professional and enthusiastic experts share the same passion for the Azores as I do.

Immerse yourself in the amazing culture, the warm-hearted people, and the photographic gems of the Azores islands. From volcanic villages, hot springs to whale watching, as long as you have a sense of adventure, then this is the perfect travel photography workshop for you.

One of the main topics that travelers also talk about when visiting the Azores, is that you don’t waste time driving from one location to another. Every photography spot is close by, in some cases just a 20-minute drive or less. Throughout the workshop, I’ll be sharing my knowledge with you both in-field and out to ensure that you’ll have a well-rounded learning experience.

Although we have a specific itinerary planned, we also allow some flexibility to take advantage of photographic opportunities we encounter along the day.

Day 1 - Arriving Day - São Miguel

Welcome to João Paulo II airport in Ponta Delgada. Transportation is provided to our hotel. You have the morning to relax or explore by yourself the city and we will pick you up later for a delicious welcome lunch in a local restaurant. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have and to get to know your fellow travellers a little better.

In the afternoon we head to Salto do Cabrito waterfall. A place where you can explore it’s environment and play with long exposure photography. If you are brave enough, you can also jump in the water. Keep in mind it’s cold!

Depending on the weather, for sunset we visit the beaches of Santa Bárbara and Monte Verde near our Hotel, or the jagged cliffs of Miradouro do Cintrão, overlooking the north coast and Sete Cidades volcano in the background.

Day 2 - São Miguel

For sunrise we visit one of my favourite locations of São Miguel, Lagoa do Fogo volcanic lake, and one of the highest points of the island. It usually tends to be cloudy or foggy during the day and ultimately ruin any potential view to be had. If you have a drone take full advantage of it. You can create really unique perspectives up here.

Next, we head to Vila Franca Islet. You really need a drone for this location, one of the most beautiful and unique places in the Azores.

Travel west and explore the volcanic crater of Sete Cidades, two multi-coloured lakes of Lagoa Verde and Azul. It’s an incredible sight and the best way to have a sense of the surrounding area. If you have a drone, Lagoa do Canario by air reveals a really interesting shape.

We arrive at one of the highlights of the Azores, Grota do Inferno viewpoint. The crater lakes of Sete Cidades can be viewed from several different viewpoints, but it’s hard to beat this spot.

For sunset, we drive through Sete Cidades down to Mosteiros beach to capture the last light of the day in a beautiful seascape photography location.

Day 3

The Azores are considered one of the best Whale Watching spots in the world, so we will make the most out of it. Early in the morning we head out to the Atlantic with the guys at Futurismo. The team always do their best to design a safe and enjoyable trip for participants. Plenty of room to explore and capture all the best moments without any distractions.

After lunch we head to the oldest tea plantation in Europe, Gorreana Tea factory. Get to know the factory and explore its surroundings. The landscape here is unique, the shape and texture of the green tea leaf’s creates endless photography possibilities.

We make our way northeast to the beautiful and rugged landscape of Nordeste, exploring amazing places along the way like Ribeira dos Caldeirões.

Day 4: São Miguel

We start our morning at Santa Iria viewpoint for sunrise. The location of our hotel is perfect for photographers. Being so close to these sunrises locations, we head back for breakfast before heading out to Lagoa das Furnas, a spectacular crater lake where you will have the chance do photograph mud pools and other steaming geothermal features.

We will try the famous local dish known as Cozido at Vale das Furnas restaurant, which is unique to this town and is cooked by volcanic steam, as well as the sweet muffins called bolo lêvedo.

Next in our list is Ribeira Quente waterfalls, the unique brown and orange colours from the rich iron waters makes this a must visit location in São Miguel.

Terra Nostra Park is our next spot and considered one of the most beautiful gardens, with the added bonus of having thermal pools. Be sure to bring your swimwear, with temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius, provides a sensation of rest and relaxation for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon we head back to the coastline of the island to photograph the sunset.

Day 5 - Terceira

Morning flight to Terceira Island. Home of the Unesco world heritage site of Angra do Heroísmo. After setting in at our accommodation, we have some free time to enjoy the city, before heading out and discovering the Island. The viewpoint of Monte Brasil is the perfect spot to start.

After lunch, we explore the Black Forest. A unique location due to its dense vegetation, light has a really hard time penetrating these trees. Depending on the weather, photographing here is never the same.

Five minutes up the road we go straight to one of the highlights of the Island, Algar do Carvão. The only volcano in the world that you can walk inside it. Unfortunately, tripods are not allowed, so bring the fastest and widest lens you have.

Along the way we explore beautiful forest roads, some of the best hidden gems are found here. Depending on the weather, we head up for sunset at Serra de Santa Bárbara, the highest point of the Island and a really awesome spot to finish our day.

Day 6 - Terceira

Big views and seascapes, that’s our plan for the day. We start early with a drive to Serra da Ribeirinha. On top of the southern rim of a volcano, we have a panoramic view of the coast. With Serra do Morião and Serra Santa Bárbara on the right side, overlooking Monte Brasil and two more Islands in the background, São Jorge and Pico.

Next, we head to one of our favourite locations of the Azores, Pico Dona Joana. The volcano cones with Ilhéu das Cabras in the background is one of the most unique perspectives you will see in the Azores.

At noon, we arrive at Praia da Vitória to have lunch and enjoy the view of the beach. Terceira Island is known to have the best food of the Azores, so we have to make the best out of it.

We head out to the north part of the Island, to Ponta do Mistério. One of the Islands most attractive coastal areas. A mysterious green-glazed lunar landscape, with the blue Atlantic ocean in the background, creates an amazing sight.

For sunset, we visit the popular summer spot of Biscoitos. A picturesque town, known for its wine growing region and even more for its beautiful natural pools. The rugged black coloured lava fields sculpted by waves makes for really interesting landscapes.

Day 7 - Terceira

We start our morning at Ponta das Contendas lighthouse and it’s surrounding seascapes. A beautiful area with a not so common brown and black coloured rock for the Azores. Depending on the weather, there is also a cave only accessible by sea that provides really interesting photo opportunities.

After a small hike and further down, we explore Porto Martins natural swimming pools. This is a beautiful place to recharge your energies and swim in the Atlantic ocean.

To truly complete the Azores experience, I invite you to enjoy a homemade lunch in a restaurant of a local family, and get to know how it’s like to live in these islands.

Considered the most beautiful viewpoint in Portugal, we reserved the best for last day. The unique view to the interior of the island, known as the “patchwork”, consisting of walls of volcanic stones dividing the farmer fields into square-shaped figures, makes Serra do Cume the epic spot to photograph the last light of the day.

Day 8 - Terceira - Departure

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Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye and fly home. Transfers to the airport are arranged based on the hour of your flight with no additional costs. We hope you cherish all of these amazing memories and fantastic photographs from the Azores.


Tuition is affordably priced at $4,200

USD Deposit: $2,000 USD

Max Participants: 10

To reserve a place we request a $2,00 USD non-refundable deposit* or payment in full. Final payment on deposits must be made 30 days before workshop date. * Deposits will be refunded in full if we do not meet our minimum of 8. Please DO NOT book flights before we confirm by email.

Minimum 6 participants is needed for this workshop to take place so please do not book your flight until we have confirmed the minimum has been reached.


-2 Professional photo guide (Bruno is fluent in Portuguese and English)

-Photographic field instructions

-Tips and tricks along the day

-Image reviews

-Whale watching with Futurismo

-Transportation in a comfortable vehicle

-7 nights accommodation in hotels. Rooms with private bathrooms.

-All Breakfasts

-Park fees

-Local flight tickets to transfer between islands

-Hotel pickup and drop-off from the airport

-Post-processing and editing sessions

-Welcome lunch and farewell dinner

-Lots of fun


-Alcoholic beverages and other drinks

-Snacks, lunch, and dinners not mentioned in the inclusions

-Flight tickets to Ponta Delgada from the original departure point -Visas (if needed)

-Gratuities for photo guides, local guides and/or drivers

-I also advise everyone making travel plans for the near future to book a cancellation insurance


Starting in October 2022, all deposits are non-refundable, but don’t worry, you can transferred to another workshop or future event.

To receive a full refund – 60 days or more before the day of the tour.

50% refund – within 60 days of the start of the tour

Should the customer not be present at the scheduled time for the activities, you shall not be entitled to any type of refund.

I reserve the right to cancel a tour in case of insufficient enrolment which might make the tour financially unviable, or due to concerns about the potential safety and welfare of participants.

In these instances I offer a full refund of all payments made to Bruno Ázera by current participants of the photo tour. I’m not responsible for any refund of airline tickets purchased directly by the participant.

Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made. Refunds will be initiated within 72 hours of the time that the request is approved.

It is HIGHLY recommended to purchase travel insurance for any workshop. I recommend World Nomads.


To register for this workshop please apply using the the "book now" option on the right. A new window will pop up to Bruno's registration page. This workshop is based upon a first come, first serve priority and available spots will be updated on this page. By sending an email stating you want to register, you are committing yourself to your deposit. An invoice will be sent to you shortly after your email for your deposit payment.

About Your Instructors

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Sean Parker

Sean is one of the most passionate artists I’ve ever known, and it is readily apparent in every photograph he takes. Whether it’s spending long, lonely nights in the desert composing gorgeous star trails or peering into the heavens and gradually coaxing out its natural beauty with advanced telescopes and computer technology, he maintains an unrelenting positive outlook and unmatched work ethic. Knowing firsthand the amount of work required to produce such high quality material, I have profound respect for the mental fortitude required for the journey upon which Sean has embarked. The true mark of a great artist is the constant desire to learn new skills and improve upon the last work, and Sean has these qualities in spades. He has built his incredible set of skills through countless hours of frustrating trial and error, and the amazing thing to consider is that his current output of stunning imagery is simply the tip of the iceberg when compared to the assuredly brilliant career ahead of him. I’m extremely proud and honored to have had the chance to work with Sean and learn from him, and I am confident that he will find success in all of his pursuits, for he already has laid his foundation as a humble, driven, and meticulous artist.

Bruno Azares

Hi there! My name is Bruno Ázera and I’m a digital artist based in Terceira Island and I love to create photos and videos in the Azores. I specialise in creating Photo Tours and Workshops and also content for businesses that are connected to nature and the outdoors. Music and art were always a part of my life, I picked up an electric bass when I was a teenager, following in the footsteps of my father. The thrill of playing live with my band was amazing. But later I discovered that my real passion came from capturing moments in the outdoors when hiking, and no better place for this like the Azores. As a digital artist I love the process, from capture to edit. I spent hours learning new techniques on how to adjust and improve my art.

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Azores Slideshow

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